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About Tin Nghia

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For 28 years of development since its inception in 1989, Tin Nghia has become one of the Dong Nai's largest business enterprises with 10 subsidiaries (more than 50% equity), 3 divisions and 6 affiliates (less than 50% equity). Annual revenue boasts over 10,000 billion dongs. Tin Nghia was also selected as one of the Vietnam’s top 200 businesses by UNDP.

Fields of business:

Industrial estates
Agricultural products

Real estates
Building materials


Tin Nghia Logistics Joint-Stock Company (ICD Bien Hoa)
Tin Nghia Petrol & Oil Joint-Stock Company
Tin Nghia Industrial Park Development Joint-Stock Company
Nhon Trach Investment Joint-Stock Company
Tin Nghia -Laos Joint-Stock Company
Tin Nghia - A Chau Joint-Stock Company
Tin Nghia - Phuong Dong Industrial Park Joint-Stock Company
Tin Nghia Industrial Estate Investment Joint-Stock Company
Japanese SMEs Joint Stock Company (JSC)
Dong Nai Foods Joint Stock Company (Donafoods)


Thong Nhat Joint-Stock Company (Bau Xeo Industrial Park)
Phuoc Tan Construction & Trade Joint-Stock Company
Tin Nghia Project Management Joint-Stock Company
SCafe Joint Stock Company
Tin Nghia Professional Security Service Joint Stock Company
Tin Nghia Coffee Joint Stock Company

Tin Nghia Construction Enterprise
Bao Loc Branch
Rep. Trade Office in the USA

Typical achievements and awards:

Class-II Labour Order
Class-III Labour Order
Excellence Emulation Flag by the Prime Minister
Excellence Emulation Flag bythe People's Committee of Dong Nai Province
National Brand Award - Vietnam Value
Gold Award for Vietnam Quality.
Vietnam Gold Star Award
“Business for Employees” Award
First Prize Award for Corporate Social Responsibility -CSR Award 2012
Prestigous exporters for 13 years in a row (2004-2016) voted by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
Vietnam’s Top 5 coffee exporters
Vietnam's Top 200 business enterprises selected by UNDP.
Vietnam’s Top 500 largest enterprises voted by VNR-VietNamNet (2007-2016)
Vietnam’s Top 20 enterprises for corporate income tax payment (2011-2015) voted by VNR-VietNamNet
Vietnam's Top 100 distinguished businessmen by VCCI.
Class-III Labor Medal for trade union activities
Excellent Merit Flag presented by Vietnam General Confederation of Labour
Excellent Merit Flag presented by Dong Nai Confederation of Labour
Quality management standards :

UKAS – ISO 9001:2015
ANAB – ISO 9001:2015
QUACERT (TCVN ISO 9001:2015)
DNV (TCVN 9001:2008)
TUV SUD ISO 14001:2004